Desipol® – the natural disinfectant made from water

A simple way to disinfect hands and surfaces gently and quickly thanks to its special structure based on polarity.

Desipol® is based on electro-oxygenated water (EOW). This is proven to be highly effective against pathogenic germs (viruses, bacteria and fungi), oxidising them within 1 to a maximum of 5 minutes, making Desipol® the first naturally based disinfectant from Switzerland.

Gentle on skin/hands and surfaces


Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi


Natural and environmentally friendly


The gentle disinfectant is alcohol-free and non-toxic and is therefore safe for humans – especially children – as well as animals and the environment. It is suitable for disinfecting hands, work surfaces and objects, as well as for disinfecting whole rooms using nebulisation technology.